water treatment system

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water treatment system

Water Treatment System


  • Production capacity can be provided: 1T/H-2000T/H ;
  • We offer a range of water treatment systems that include drink water treatment equipments, industrial water treatment equipments and seawater treatment equipments.
  • We can design a project of the water treatment to meet the demands of our clients, considering both the quality of the raw water and the desired standard of the purified water.
  • The water treatment equipment can be connected with the filling machine provided by our company;
  • We guarantee the quality of all the water treatment equipment and provide service and the spare parts for free in the first year.



  • Adopt RO and UF
  • Material:304 SS
  • Capacity: of 1-2000 ton per hour


Equipment construction:

  • Raw water tank
  • Multi-medium filter
  • Active carbon Filter
  • Softener
  • Cartridge filter
  • Intermediate water tank
  • RO system or UF system
  • Cleanout Water Tank
  • UV sterilizer or Ozone generator
  • Terminal Water Tank

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